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When it comes to nail treatments, we are in the world of creative expression with almost no limits!

These days one can have nails done at nail salons near you, but also at hair salon, spa or even aesthetic or laser clinic near you. There are even nail spas offering only nail treatments.

Spas tend to do very nice and relaxing spa treatments for your nails which include spa manicure and pedicure, while the nail salon will give you a wide range of services including artificial nails and nail art.

What is great about doing your nails at a hair salon is that you can have your nails design done while you are waiting for your hair colour to develop ;)

You’ll find a beauty salon or two in every shopping centre or a mall to suit all your nails desires, even inside department stores such as Woolworths.

Nail style can be so various from short painted nails, gelish nails, artificial nails and elaborate nail art designs.




Artificial nails are usually made in the shape of the nail and are placed over your natural nail. They come in variety of shapes and sizes and materials such as acrylic, gel or powder colour . You can have them as a whole nail or just tips.

Artificial nail tips are used to elongate your natural nails and are glued onto your nail tip and bonded together with your natural nail in seamless finish.

Shellac nails are usually gel manicure that has a long lasting up to a month without chipping or nail breaking.

Gel nails there are two types of gels used for nails. Soft gel is used a nail polish over the nails and hard gels once set can form nail extensions. Gels come in different colours and shades and require curing under the LED lamp.

Nails treatments prices also vary largely depending on the place where you are having them done, and the type of treatment.

Here are some Nail Treatments including the salon and spas where you can have them done:

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