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Mama Mio

Goodbye Stretch Marks - OLD

Visible Stretch Mark Reducer 100ml

reduce - fade - soothe

0 4

Gorgeous Glow Facial Wash - OLD

Balancing Facial Wash 100ml

deep cleanse - balance - fight blemishes

0 4

Keep Calm Nipple Balm 30ml

Soothing & Protecting Nipple Balm 30ml

relieve - soothe - moisturise

2 5

Lucky Legs Cooling Leg Gel 100ml

Cooling Energising Leg Gel 100ml

cool - de-puff - refresh

2 5

Megamama Super-rich Omega Body Lotion 150ml

Super-rich Omega Body Lotion

replenish - moisturise - nourish

2 5

Pregnancy Boob Tube 125ml

Bust Protection Cream 

protect - soothe - elasticise

2 5

The Tummy Rub Butter 120ml

Formulated to nourish and soothe growing bumps, the Tummy Rub Butter is clinically proven* to increase skin elasticity and moisture, helping to protect against stretch marks. 100% natural fragrance, a soothing blend of lavender and mint.

2 5

The Tummy Rub Oil 120ml

elasticise - protect - soothe 120ml

2 5

Mama Marks Strechmark Minimising Cream 125ml

Reduce the appearance, colour and texture of existing stretch marks with the powerful minimising cream.

2 1

The Tummy Rub Scrub 180ml

Polish and pamper your bump with The Tummy Rub Scrub. Gentle yet effective, the luxurious omega-rich exfoliator utilizes fine particles of Volcanic Lava, Bamboo Extract and natural Papaya to delicately remove dead, dry skin, without stripping moisture.

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