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Deep Cleansing

QMS Deep Cleansing is formulated without mineral oils this cleansing emulsion is both intense and gentle in the removal of impurities including eye make-up from the skin. Cleansing emulsion recommended for all skin types. A cleanser that gently and intensively removes all make-up, water/oil soluble particles and other impurities from the skin. Contains no liquid paraffin. May also be used for removing eye make-up.

Size: 200 ml

Freshening Tonic

QMS Freshening Tonic


For optimal cleansing this gentle purifier balances the skin’s natural acid mantle to leave it feeling soft and fresh. A gentle purifier that balances the skin’s natural acid mantle, leaving clean, soft, and fresh feeling skin. To achieve an optimum facial cleansing, this toner should be used as a final touch. Freshening Tonic partners perfectly with Deep Cleansing.


SkinTone Light Serum


An advanced formulation designed to even skin tone, improve elasticity and reduce fine lines. This innovative serum is based on a multi-functional active ingredient complex, which provides targeted action against dark spots and helps prevent the further development of pigmentation. Use regularly to restore your complexion to even radiance. Pigment spots are skin discolorations, which occur on the surface of the skin due to a disturbed melanin production typically caused by sun damage and the skin ageing process. The impact of irregular and excess pigmentation is very ageing on the appearance of the skin; areas such as the back of hands, décolleté and face are particularly prone to hyperpigmentation


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