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BodyScience Argan Body Gloss 100ml

Combines Jojoba, Calendula, Rosemary, Babassu Palm Seed, Argan and Chamomile Oils with additional Wild Rose, Evening Primrose and Arnica extracts. A super combination of the best oils, all in one bottle.

5 8

BodyScience Exfoliating Body Polish 200ml

A natural nutrient-rich exfoliating polish that not only leaves the skin feeling invigorated and luminous, it adds a luxurious silver glimmer.

5 7

BodyScience Restorative Body Cream 200ml

Protects the skin against stretch marks and is rich and indulgent for the ultimate skin-hydration. The treatment promotes elasticity of the skin.

5 7

MediHand Age Reversal Hand Cream 80ml

The Elim MediHand Age Reversal hand cream improves skin tone drastically and eliminates age spots.

5 7

Elim Cuticle MD 10ml

For the ultimate hydrating cuticle oil, try the Elim Cuticle MD, a cuticle oil rescue blend that contains 8 different oils and 2 flower extracts to keep your cuticles hydrated and in peak condition.

5 8

Cuticle Remover 12ml

Ensures your nails look flawless, not only when you visit the salon, but every day. Easily remove excess cuticles to give your manicure or pedicure the final seal of approval.

5 8

Dark Spot Serum 10ml

Specifically formulated for age spots and pigmentation that is slightly darker than usual age spots on the hands. 

5 8

Express Dry 12ml

An essential part of your Elim nail treatment as it locks your prior treatment in. Added elastins ensure the varnish is able to stretch, preventing any chipping after application. Its unique formula protects and nourishes the nail.

5 8

Illuminating Nail Cleanser 80ml

Perfect to correct discoloured nails to give your nails a natural French manicured look. This unique formula was specifically designed to combat the signs of aging on nails.

5 8

Nail Hardener 12ml

Perfect if you struggle with weak or thin nails that always seem to break. The easy-to-apply formula will strengthen your nails and decrease chipping.

5 8

Ultra Rich Hand Therapy 100ml

An anti-aging hand cream containing Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Oat Protein and Hibiscus Extracts to restore moisture. Apply the Ultra-Rich Hand Cream to restore moisture to the dry skin for up to 12 hours.

5 7

Callus Softening Kit

The Callus Softening Kit contains an active callus remover, a PH neutralizer and all the tools to remove the dead skin cells from the heel.ty.

5 7

AHA Foot Exfoliator 150ml

If you suffer from dry and cracked feet then the Elim MediHeel AHA Exfoliator is the perfect product for you. Containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), it helps to refine the texture of your feet by removing dead skin, leaving them shiny and silky smooth.

5 8

Foot Perfector 150ml Heel Balm

For smooth and crease-free feet try the Elim MediHeel Foot Perfector, a medium weight cream that brightens and softens the feet, smoothing over fine lines.

5 8

Rejuvenating Gold Spritz 100ml

For that ultimate luxurious feel, try our Elim Rejuvenating Gold Spritz to complete your beauty look!

5 7

Spa Additive 125ml

The Elim MediHeel Spa Additive antibacterial foot soak is an intense pedicure treatment which helps sanitize and soften your feet.

5 8

Elim Fungal Force 20ml

A natural but active nail serum to control persistent and unsightly nail fungi. 

5 8

Medi-Pedi in a Box

The Elim MediHeel Medi-Pedi in a Box is jam-packed full of products that are specifically designed for those feet emergency moments! Removes calluses in 10 minutes and leaves feet smooth and hydrated.

Hydro Thermal Exfoliant A self heating hand Exfoliator

A PH balancing daily exfoliant to remove dull, dead skin cells.

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